We've compiled the most common questions below. If you need more information, please don't hesitate to contact us directly info@itile.co.za

Which area does the mobile showroom operate in?

We currently send our mobile showroom throughout Gauteng.

Can I purchase directly from the mobile showroom?

Yes, each mobile showroom is connected to our system and our brand ambassador can advise on real time stock updates.

Why are we redirected to www.itile.co.za?

www.itilebookings.co.za is specifically for booking requests, whereas www.itile.co.za is our parent site with our entire collection.

Do we deliver?

Yes, delivery is handled by our group distribution centre.

Do we charge per visit?

No, our mobile showroom is free.

What products are brought to me?

Our full tile range, including wall, floor and mosaics. Unfortunately catalogues are only available with our bathroom, kitchen and tiling accessories.

How do we purchase?

Each brand ambassador has a fully dedicated system that connects with our holding company iTile. A credit card machine will be available to conduct the transaction.